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Bigbuddie For The Development of 21st-Century Skills

“Education experts always warn that our children need improved 21st-century skills. Without these skills, they will not be able to successfully participate in the current global challenges. They won’t be adequately prepared for higher education and good appropriate jobs.

But exactly, what, are 21st-century skills? Are we only talking about computer and technology skills? 

No, each framework has a slightly different list of critical 21st-century skills and Bigbuddie Magazine includes some the essential and crucial skills for the overall development of the children to compete for global challenges in 21 centuries.

Creative Skills 

To prepare young children for a successful life in 21 st century, creativity must be cultivated among them through education. Creativity and innovation are the key points to get succeeded in today’s evolving and rapidly changing world.Creative and innovative thinking leads to new ways of understanding and conceiving of things.  Creative thinking includes some obvious things like story writing, drawing, music, poetry, dance, dramatic literature, inventions, and technical innovations.  
Bigbuddie magazine wants to teach children to think and inspire independently and creatively.

In the monthly issues of Bigbuddie magazine encouraging children to ask questions, by giving them opportunities to learn through experience and activities rather just feeding with theoretical content. Introducing and inspiring children to famous innovators, scientist, great entrepreneurs, and leaders so they will be more innovative.

Physical Skills
While all children are different, and they develop physical skills at different speeds. Child development involves language, social and motor skills. Physical skills in children are their motor skills, which involves their bodies.
There are two motor skills, gross or large motor skills, and fine or small motor skills.
Walking, running, balancing and coordination with sports team are the examples of gross motor skills, which actually involve larger muscles of the arms and legs of the body,so we can say strength, muscle tone range and quality movement of the body can be considered as the main factors while evaluating gross motor skills of a child.
Fine or small motor skills are those which involves the small muscles in the fingers, toes, eyes, and ears.
Drawing, coloring, writing, catching which helps children mental growth and on the other hand, grasping, and throwing objects while playing any games also help children in mental and physical growth.
Bigbuddie magazine and various activities arrange by Bigbuddie like Creative writing competitions, Poster drawing and introducing sports, encourage them to play and importance of sports in various issues will surely help them for growing strong and healthy children.
Along with that Bigbuddie magazine will also try to cover some good hygiene practices dental care, and practicing nutritional meals.
The unique content in each magazine tries to minimize screen time and promote to be more active in sports, hobbies and playing music.

Social Skills
Social skills refer to the process by which a child learns to interact in social life. 
Social skills or social development includes the ability of a child experience with situations, expression, and managing emotions and the ability to establish positive and rewarding relationships with society and regulate their behavior.
Social skills will actually impact many of the other forms of a child’s development. A child’s ability to interact with any situation in a healthy way can impact them throughout life.
Social skills play a crucial role to make a successful child in school and in society.
Social skills developed child can be a child who is friendly and optimistic, participate in group/teamwork, make relevant contributions.
In order to develop the social skills of a child Bigbuddie magazine publish various contents like social manners and etiquettes in each issue like also some of the important topics like How to deal and talk with the strangers, How to cope with failures and many more, and also try to arrange various workshops on such critical topics.

Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking skill is the ability to engage in the reflective and independent thinking process, or in other words, critical thinking requires to use the ability to reason which leads children as an active learner rather than a passive recipient of information that they getting feeds in everyday school life. It is not the accumulation of knowledge 
A critical thinking skilled child can understand the links between logics, ideas, deal problems in a consistent and systematic way and choosing the best possible solution.
Bigbuddie magazine assigns some tasks, topics and case studies in the various issues of the magazine for the sharpening of the children’s critical thinking skills.

Life Skills

Life skills are more valuable skills for children that they will use throughout their lifetime and can help children to get succeed later in life.
Many of the skills children will need as adults to compete for today’s global challenges.
But most of the children don’t learn or know how to handle real-life situations and such skills are not easily taught in a typical classroom of the school. 
Bigbuddie magazine publishes various topics to develop the life skills of the child such as to organize your home so your child knows where to put his/her shoes, schools uniform, and personal/others belongings. Build the ability to understand and communicate with others, Importance of saving money and cooking.
Make them able to take on challenges, bounce back from failure, and keep trying. Encourage children to try always new things and allow to take reasonable risk, like climbing a tree or riding a cycle.
A child who loves learning all the times becomes an adult who rarely bored in his/her life. Bigbuddie magazine always encourages learning, encourage reading plenty of articles published in the Bigbuddie magazine,  and open-ended exploration by DIY.Together with Bigbuddie, let’s give our children the life skills they need to cope in the modern world.

Bigbuggie initiative for the overall development of our children is only successful with the combined efforts from children, parents, and schools. “

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