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Build and Launch a Mini-Rocket

Rocket Science with Bigbuddie

Looking for something unique to do with others in your family or your school class? How about making and launching model rockets? It’s a hobby that’s been around with roots in the first rocket experiments dating back to the ancient Chinese. Let’s take a look at how you can walk in the footsteps of space explorers with your own rockets!

Rocket Science activities can be useful in the overall development of children in the following ways:

  • Children can build their own rocket and launch them to few metres high.
  • It’s a very safe hobby and teaches about the mechanics of lifting off from Earth against the pull of gravity.
  • These activities guide children terms that rocketeers use, such as “lift”, “propellant”, “payload”, “powered flight”.
  • Building a rocket will teach you and your kids the basics of aerodynamics — that is, the best shape for a rocket that will help it fly successfully.
  • Explain how rocket propulsion works in terms of gases being pushed out one end so that a force is exerted on the rocket in the opposite direction.
  • Can Foster Effective Communication and Helps Develop Social Skills because children work as a team?
  • Inspires Creativity, Develops Cognitive, Critical Thinking, & Motor Skills, that involves the front part of the brain that manages attention, memory, control, and flexibility.
  • Nurture children passions, talents, Increase motivation, engagement and promotes the act of questioning concepts and materials, so children begin to understand the importance of having an inquisitive mind.

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