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Building Self Confidence

Educational programs in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) — when coupled with literacy, reading, and comprehension skills — are critical to helping our children thrive in our 21st-century workforce.

Bigbuddie magazine for children can connect with your child’s current academic program and provide enrichment to the current curriculum. Bigbuddie magazine is great for teachers, home-schooling families, and parents too.

The benefits of reading Bigbuddie Magazine
  • Reading Bigbuddie magazine increases your intelligence and knowledge.
  • It can boost your brain functional power and brain connectivity.
  • Keep your brain active, prevent losing memory and stimulate the brain.
  • Helps to reduce stress, keep you calm, relax, and makes you happier.
  • Can increase your creativity, curiosity, and flexibility.
  • Build Stronger analytical thinking skills, improve IQ, focus as well as concentration.
  • Make you smarter by improving your language skills and better writing skills.

A Smiling child is a happy child!

Bigbuddie Activity-based learning describes the requirement that learning should be based on doing some hands-on experiments and activities. The idea of activity-based learning is rooted in the common notion that children are active learners rather than passive recipients of information. If a child is provided the opportunity to explore by their own and provided an optimum learning environment then the learning becomes joyful and long-lasting.

The Advantages of Bigbuddie Activity Based Workshops
  • Learning by Doing Facilitates Better Understanding
  • Sharpens Problem-Solving, Analytical Skills, and Critical Thinking skills.
  • Opportunity for Learning Beyond Educational Environment
  • Encouraging kids to be Independent, Inquisitive and Instills Confidence,
  • Development of Long-Term Knowledge Retention and Helping Memorize Information
  • Encouraging Children to Express Themselves in Different Ways
  • Improvement of Teamwork, Interpersonal Skills, and social development

The Prodigal Competitor!

Appearing for an Olympiad is beyond school, Olympiad exams are competitive examination conducted at school level. It is totally based on the school curriculum. These competitive exams aim to provide exposure to students and make them ready to face any challenge in the future. It is advisable to consider Olympiad as a bliss rather than havoc.

With Bigbuddie Olympiad Exam Helper program Students will gain additional knowledge, they learn the way to answer and confidence to write papers. The competition tends to make participants into very sharp-minded and clever problem solvers.

The essentialness of Competitive exams with Bigbuddie support
  • Understanding the Academic Fundamental Concepts and Application in Enjoyable Format.
  • Develop a Logical, Aptitude, Analytical, Problem-solving Skills and Power of Reasoning.
  • Build Confidence and Inculcate the Habit of Taking Challenges at the Younger Stage.
  • Improve Academic Performance by a Better Understanding of the Concepts Taught in the School.
  • Helps in gaining additional knowledge and learning, also get early exposure to competitive Spirit.
  • Creating a talent pool for the future by providing a competitive platform for students.
  • Provide Solid Foundation for IIT JEE/AIPMT (NEET) and Other Competitive Exams.


Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Space science, Geography, Computers, Environments, Nature, Health, Foods & Nutrition, Gardening & Agriculture, Earth Science, Animals & Wildlife and Botany.




Robotics, Computers, Biotechnology, Electronics, Nanotechnology, Machine, Rocketry, 3D Design, and Printing.




Bigbuddie magazine’s each issue contains a wide range of Art & Craft related hobbies like Drawing, Painting, Paper Crafts, Origami, and puppet making can fuel creative thinking and imagination in a child. These hobbies can help them in staying focused while giving proper workout for their mind. They can also teach children about patience and can improve their concentration.

Engaging in a hobby can help a child to be more creative and make use of spare time in a positive way and they offer an excellent channel to express children creative skills.

Hobbies that are based on Do-It-Yourself like Radio Controlled, LEGO Robotics, Rocketry, Stargazing, Cooking, Clay Modeling and Stop Motion Animation, teach them about taking care of things that are precious to them. Hobbies can reduce the risk of overexposure for a child to digital devices like gaming consoles, tablets and smartphones.

In an ever-growing technology and data-driven world, much of the focus in education has understandably taken a shift toward STEM-based initiatives but life skills how well equipped students are to make good decisions and solve problems in their academic and professional careers as well as their personal livesshould also play a critical role in a well-rounded and comprehensive education. Life skill education simply cannot stop with the exposure your child receives in school. To learn its importance, a child needs to be taught at home through experiences and training activities. Basic life skills for children- Sports, Understanding Money, Cooking, How to talk with Stanger, Manage Time Independently, How to cope up with failure, Personal Hygiene, and Health, Safety and taking care and much more will covered by Bigbuddie magazine in various issues.


What inside a Bigbuddie Magazine?


Eye Catching Great Looks

Bigbuddie magazine uses eye-catching colorful graphics, illustrated guide, articles with a wide variety of artwork.


Never Out Of Syllabus

Linked to a national curriculum covering a wide range of topics in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.


Valuable & Informative

Bigbuddie magazine offers to readers a valuable and useful high-quality informative content along with new DIY ideas.


Fantastic icons

Bigbuddie aim is to provide our readers with exciting, informative and entertaining articles to inspire them actively involved.



Develop Skills with Fun Quotient

The comic strip on a range of science topics illustrates the proper attitude and skill and help to develop young readers.


Interactive QA boxes

All questions from curious mind are answered inside each Bigbuddie magazine issue, so you can pursue knowledge like never before.


Leading by examples

The extraordinary and inspiring biographic stories of the professionals making your reading a highly motivational.


DIY Fun Games

Bigbuddie magazine is packed with Do It Yourself, a step-by-step guide to new interesting weekend projects.